Semnificatia valorilor pentru setarile regionale din registrii Windows

iCountry Country code is the international telephone code, except for Canada, which is 2. The default is 1.

iCurrDigits Number digits displayed after the decimal separator. The default is 2.

iCurrency Determines how currency is displayed:
Value Meaning
0 $2
1 2$
2 $ 2
3 2 $

iDate Determines how dates are displayed:
Value Meaning
0 mm/dd/yy
1 dd/mm/yy
2 yy/mm/dd

iDigits The number of digits displayed after the decimal separator in numbers. The default is 2.

iLZero Leading zeros are not displayed if 0 (default). A Leading zero is displayed if set to 1.

iMeasure Metric is 0, U.S. is 1

iNegCurr Determines the format for displaying negative numbers (default is 1):
Value Meaning
0 ($100.00)
1 -$100.00
2 $-100.00
3 $100.00-
4 (100.00$)
5 -100.00$
6 100.00-$
7 100.00$-
8 -100.00$
9 -$ 100.00
10 100.00 $-
11 $ 100.00-
12 $ -100.00
13 100.00- $
14 ($100.00)
15 (100.00 $)

iTime Determines if the clock is 12 hours (0) or 24-hour (1).

iTLZero The default of 0 means hours may have single digits, a 1 pads to double digits.

Locale locale ID for spoken language. The default is U.S. English which is 00000409.

s1159 AM indicator for a 12 hour clock.

s2359 PM indicator for a 12 hour clock.

sCountry Country name. The default for U.S. English is United States.

sCurrency Currency symbol. The default for U.S. English is $.

sDate Date separator. The default for U.S. English is /.

sDecimal Decimal separator symbol. The default for U.S. English is the . (period).

sLanguage Language abbreviation: (U.S. English is ENU)
Value Meaning
CSY Czech
DAN Danish
DEA German (Austrian)
DES German (Swiss)
DEU German
ELL Greek
ENA English (Australia)
ENC English (Canada)
ENG English (U.K.)
ENI English (Irish)
ENU English (U.S.)
ENZ English (New Zealand)
ESM Spanish (Mexican)
ESN Modern Spanish
ESP Castilian Spanish
ETI Estonian
FIN Finnish
FRA French
FRB French (Belgian)
FRC French (Canadian)
FRS French (Swiss)
HUN Hungarian
ISL Icelandic
ITA Italian
ITS Italian (Swiss)
NLB Dutch (Belgian)
NLD Dutch
NON Norwegian (Nynorsk)
NOR Norwegian (Bokmal)
PLK Polish
PTB Portuguese (Brazilian)
PTG Portuguese
RUS Russian
SKY Slovak
SVC Swedish
SVE Swedish
TRK Turkish

sList List separator character. The default for U.S. English is , (comma).

sLongDate Long Date format:

Value Meaning
dddd, MMMM dd, yyyy Wednesday, November 19, 1997
MMMM dd, yyyy November 19, 1997
dddd, dd MMMM, yyyy Wednesday, 19 November , 1997
dd MMMM, yyyy 19 November , 1997

sShortDate Short date:
Value Meaning
MM/dd/yy 03/08/99
M/d/yy 3/8/99
M/d/yyyy 3/8/1999
MM/dd/yyyyy 03/08/1999
yy/MM/dd 99/03/08
dd-MM-yy 08-Mar-99

sThousand Thousands separator. The default for U.S. English is , (comma).

sTime Time separator. The default for U.S. English is : (colon).

sTimeFormat The default is HH:mm:ss

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